• Direction

How to find us

【Self-Driving 】
To south: Taiji line → Hualien → Central Road four right turn → Central Road three → Tsz Wan Yi Street turn left → Yixiang four street turn right → Yichang seven street → Zhongshan Road, second turn left → Zhongshan Road section → Chiang Kai-shek Road Transfer to the "Hualien Sea Travel Center"

To North: north: flower east coast road → know this section of a section → Zhakuan Avenue second paragraph turn left → flower 29 rural road turn right → middle two road turn left → turn right middle road two → arrived "Hualien sea Travel hall.

【Public Transportation】

By Air : Hualien Air Station → Take a taxi to Hualien Railway Station → transfer to Nanpu Gas Station → walk to the "Hualien Sea Travel Center"

By Train: Hualien train station → transfer to Ji'an station bus → Ji'an station and get off after the trip to the "Hualien hai travel shop"

Please contact us if you want more info.