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River Travel

Half Day Tour ?900 yuan /pax sakadang + three stack Nanxi +emerald valley
Day Tour: 1800 yuan /pax sakadang , three stack Nanxi, sub-waterfall

Starlight exploration - at night to catch shrimp + BBQ barbecue (sea and land meal) a 900 yuan
Approximately 3 to 4 hours
(Including back and forth + insurance + helmet + body armor), according to the route of different prices slightly different, please contact us;
Half day tour for about 4 hours, day trip for about 8 hours, transfer time to be notified
Full security coach
Upstream River Project Insurance 2 million & 200,000 Medical Insurance
Full set of upstream equipment (safety helmets, non-slip shoes, life jackets, gloves)
Long sleeves with cold clothing (depending on the day decision),
Half day trip are accompanied by boiled spring coffee and fine refreshments
Full day trip with lunch, boiled spring coffee and refreshments
Age limit: country first grade or above

Creek Canyon Ecological Tour

NT $ 2300 per person (transfer + insurance)
4 people trip
Sea trip to the trip to the community ? Tongmen community ? for the mountain into the mountain ? Yangqing Bridge ? Canyon Canyon ? ecological water area ? station or sea travel shop + insurance

Zhaofeng Farm

Half day tour $ NT $ 1350 per person (ticket + pick up)
(1 person into the line, the whole about 4 hours)
8:00 sea trip to the Museum of departure ? Zhaofeng farm, the Arc de Triomphe to meet the guests ? can take the garden or a small train (at their own expense) rent a motor car tour park ? the eastern part of the bird park to enjoy
Taiwan's unique blue abdomen and other precious birds in Taiwan Area to personally feed the calf drink milk or enjoy the cow listen to the Bahá'ru Symphony to the milk area, now squeeze milk ? broad fruit orchard to enjoy the fruit now, eat fun ? lovely animal area touch guinea pigs, goats and other tame Animals or ornamental precious wild [white monkey] ? return to the sea travel shop / train station

Whale Travel (April to October)

Half day tour (2 people trip, the whole about 3 hours)
Adult NT $ 800 (transfer + insurance + whale)
Children (3 years old to 12 years old) NT600 yuan (transfer + insurance + whale ticket)
3 years old children, discretionary insurance premium 300 yuan
Departure (Hualien port shuttle bus)
? Hualien port on board
? explain the line before 20 minutes
Wall charts and poster commentary, including the type of whale dolphins and Hualien common cetacean introduction, marine-related information and life jackets to wear law demonstration.
? with a relaxed and happy good mood sail!
? whale and whale commentator as the whole explanation
The whole journey is about 2-3 hours
(According to the current sea conditions, whale watching the appropriate adjustment of the situation)
? Have you ever seen flying dolphins, pattern dolphins, tropical dolphins, swan dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, or puppet whale, sperm whale, killer whale …
? whale watching flights: from 6:00 in the morning, a lot of shifts
? Remember to bring your ID card, sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and everything you can prepare for a pleasant journey.

Xiu Kuluan River rafting

Top automatic dump boat NT $ 800 per person

The top patent boat costs NT $ 900 per person
(Transfer a person 300 yuan + lunch + insurance)
7: 00 ~ 7: 30 or 8:30 from the sea trip to Mizuho, ​​set to explain rafting safety regulations, began rafting to Changhong Bridge, wash, lunch in Chi Mei to enjoy lunch, the whole about 6 to 7 hours
Departure (take a nine-seat ride)
→ beautiful flower east trough line nine lines
→ Mizuho (show Kulu)
→ collar you to receive life jackets, hats, raindrops and other boating equipment
→ watch the video (understand the entire rafting and safety measures)
→ grouping, every eight to ten people take a boat
→ Challenge to the show
→ experience the two sides of the ape sound can not live, boat has been over the realm of mountains
→ Chi Mei rest station, let us go ashore meal it!
→ physical supplement, the challenge is more exciting exciting torrent!
→ Millennium Creek of the gods of the white gods Shi Xiu Gu Shu Yu
→ the terminal station Changhong bridge bath changing clothes
→ the most beautiful coastline eleven lines → return to Hualien station / sea trip shop
※ Passengers insured $ 5 million in casualty insurance and $ 300,000 each
Medical insurance if suffering from heart disease, epilepsy and 12 years of age
Children should not attend

Flying umbrella

(2 people trip) 08:30 sea trip shop - train station visitor center - Mingli flight umbrella experience - Lin Tian Shan forest recreation area - full sister pig feet / Lin Tian Shan pig feet (at their own expense) - light recovery plant - carp pond - sea The trip shop / station adults: 3,000 yuan / person
Children: 3,000 yuan / person

Paintball Battle Activities

Business hours: 08: 00-22: 00
(Night shot to be booked in advance)
Activity time: depending on the number of people, the whole about 2 hours
Battle shooting 200 yuan 700 yuan
Battle shooting 100 yuan 500 yuan
Target shooting 200 rounds of 400 yuan
Target shooting 100 rounds of 200 yuan

  ? site safety facilities and equipment instructions, guns use skills training (guns, paint uniforms, vests, masks, neck, gloves and bunkers)
? Combat rules
    Divided into two games against the war, according to the number of people, the design of different game mode.
    Understand the offensive and defensive side of the task (including shield use).
? start battle (midfielder 10 to 20 minutes after the start of the second game of war activities)
? announced the results of the war
? guns shelves, to the rest area dress up.
   After the end, you can walk from the exclusive website to download the event photos.
There are ice packs and shower facilities available for demand.

A longitudinal flight

(2 people trip) 08:30 sea trip shop - train station visitor center - light aircraft experience - Lin Tian Shan forest recreation area - full sister pig feet / Lin Tian Shan pig feet (at their own expense) - light recovery plant - carp pond - sea Travel shop / train station adults: 3,000 yuan / person
Children: 3,000 yuan / person

Sixty stone mountain + East Rift Valley day tour

(Season 8/1 ~ 9/30 months)
(2 people) 08:30 Hualien train station / sea trip shop ? light back to the sugar field ? sixty stone mountain ? Mizuho pasture ? sea travel shop / Hualien station
@ Chinese food: Fulongnonghui - lunch self-care adults: 1,200 yuan / person
Children: 1,200 yuan / person
Fees include: ? fare: one day back and forth driver. ? tour: tour guide on the driver
Fees do not include: tickets, meals.